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YROO: The Future of AI-Assisted Shopping

Customer Centricity is the promise of AI. It seems to be the holy grail that continues to elude business. Marketing solutions and systems integrators are trying to build technology frameworks for Next Best Action that take real-time consumer context into consideration. They’re still falling short. But what if the only way to truly get to […]

Artificial Intelligence is the Panacea to Today’s Marketing Challenges

POSTED ON May 15th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Performance and Measurement

My foray into understanding, and more importantly, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to current business practices has forced me to throw everything I ever knew out the window. Experience, best practices, preconceived notions, the tried and true – all these rules become obsolete and irrelevant because the world has changed. Media consumption has changed. Business has […]

Engage At Scale: Customer Obsession Requires Customer-Defined Value ( Part 2)

POSTED ON May 14th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Performance and Measurement

This is a two-part series that explores an increasing understanding of the customer as technology and customer behavior evolves and what business must do to keep up with this evolution. Customer value means how the Customer defines value NOT the business Direct marketing principles defined customer value not by Pepper and Rogers’ standards; rather the […]

When Will Attribution and Metrics Become Symbiotic?

POSTED ON May 11th  - POSTED IN Artificial Intelligence, Performance and Measurement

You would think that, with all the advances in technology, insights and automation, Marketing has leapt forward with an increased understanding of how initiatives correlate to business performance. We’ve made developments in digital to improve targeting, to scale relevant audiences and to develop customized communications based on enhanced insights. Yet, marketers continue to face pressure […]