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Dear Golf… There’s More

POSTED ON April 14th  - POSTED IN Insights

Dear Golf, Last month I wrote a blog post directed solely at you, your image problems, and the obvious fact that you’ve somehow been unable to pull new golfers into the sport for at least 2 generations. This baffles a lot of us watching the sport, especially after the ratings success of this year’s Masters. CBS […]

Dear Golf: You Have a Problem and We Can Help

POSTED ON March 20th  - POSTED IN Insights

Dear Golf Industry, It is a well known fact to anyone with their ear to Golf Industry publications that you have been bleeding players. People 50 and under just aren’t falling for you like they have in generations past.  I’ve read about the tweaks to the game that some believe will make it ‘more fun […]

Your Customers Are Not as Stupid as You Think They Are

POSTED ON March 17th  - POSTED IN Insights

I live for numbers, data, formulae, and patterns. Ask me to look for correlation and causation (causality), and I giggle with glee; neck deep in graphs and excel sheets, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Yet, like all data nerds, I can tell you with absolute certainty that just because there is a connection […]

Top Insights from our Millennial Think Tank 2014

POSTED ON December 21st  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

Back in June when we launched our Millennial Think Tank we had two goals: To start a conversation with GenY (the Millennial Generation) To dispel the gross generalizations that occur when we lump 80 million people into a specific category and qualify their behavior as a monolith. It’s been a rollicking 6 months, and we’ve […]

Millennial Think Tank: What We’ve Learned and Why We’re Launching Think Tank for Brands

POSTED ON November 30th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters

This week found us off-air for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. but we’ve been hard at work and are excited to announce the next steps for our Millennial Think Tank. Over the last 6 months we’ve hosted nearly 20 broadcasts of the Think Tank, covering a wide range of topics including privacy, brand […]

The Dance Between Brand and Consumer Goes On; Are You in Sync?

POSTED ON November 1st  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

The dance between Brand and Consumer represents the struggle between marketers, data, and personal privacy. Big data gives us more access to the lives of our customers, but they have much at stake when giving up their information. Hessie Jones tackled this topic when she wrote “Quid Pro Quo: The Ultimate Dance Between the Brand […]

Ray Rice, Twitter Mobilization, and Brand Recovery

POSTED ON September 16th  - POSTED IN Social Justice

As someone who works in Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), following stories and mobilizing (either through social media or some sort of direct action) on a whole range of issues is just a part of a typical day for me.  From sustainable food systems to worker’s rights, there is not a single day that passes […]

The Water Gun Theory of Strategy Development

POSTED ON July 17th  - POSTED IN Insights

One day, when I was five, I was out playing in the yard with the little boy next door. It was a typical super hot summer day in the south and I had just gotten a bright green water gun which I was ridiculously proud of. We were playing cops and robbers and on my […]

Skeptical about Social Media Skepticism

POSTED ON July 3rd  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Several days ago, the Globe and Mail, our local paper, ran an article entitled “Canadian executives question benefits of social media.” The main takeaways were: • Resource and manufacturing companies have been cautious while service firms have been more aggressive • Resource and manufacturing firms do not see the same value as customer-interfacing firms that […]