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How Trust Impacts Culture in a Cross-Generational Workplace

POSTED ON February 25th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

The foundation of any relationship: Trust. It makes sense, then, that trust is also the key ingredient to developing a successful work culture. So we must understand why trust has become increasingly important at work. And in a cross-generational workplace, we must know how trust is defined by the different generations. In relationships, trust is […]

A Letter to the Next Generation: A Fundamental Life Changing Suggestion

POSTED ON November 24th  - POSTED IN A Letter to the Next Generation

ARCOMPANY  shares excellent advice and explores other topics concerning cross generational attitudes. Their “Think Tanks” allow everyone to share opinions in an open and non-threatening way. They provide fantastic overall discussion and I have personally learned a lot from all of them. I want to thank you all and especially Hessie and her team for […]

Boomer Think Tank: We Boomers Are Still Relevant!

POSTED ON November 5th  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank

Sherree Worrell wrote a powerful post entitled, “Are We Boomers Still Relevant?” We followed that post with a discussion that delves deeper into the subject matter. We invited Boomers to discuss their views on media’s communication of typical stereotypes, their overlooked contributions, their influential buying power and the recessional impacts in their lives. Here are some current stats about […]

Boomer Think Tank: A Definition of Leadership Today

POSTED ON October 4th  - POSTED IN ArCompany

On our Think Tanks this month we are tackling what is the definition of leadership today. We are looking at the topic from each generation’s viewpoint in order to measure how much progress has been made, and what challenges still exist. This month, our panel included: Rick Rice – Corporate communications and crisis management consultant […]

Are We Boomers Still Relevant?

POSTED ON October 1st  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank

Editor’s note: When Amy Tobin wrote this post, Have Boomers Lost their Voice? it sparked a great deal of discussion from our Boomer friends who had much to say on this topic. Sherree Worrell, one of our regular panellists on the Boomer Think Tank, was frustrated and very vocal as this topic had a profound […]

Boomer Think Tank: Employer / Employee Loyalty Today

POSTED ON August 2nd  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank

On our Think Tanks this month we are tackling employer/employee loyalty; we’re looking at the topic from each generation’s viewpoint in order to understand how loyalty and how we measure it has been transformed along with the changing workplace. This past week it was our Boomer Think Tank’s turn to weigh in. Before I give you the overall insights, […]

Have Boomers Lost Their Voice?

POSTED ON July 30th  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank

Over a year ago we founded our Millennial Think Tank to debunk a lot of the hype swirling around  GenY. Due to its success, we created  GenY, Boomer and Blended Gen Think Tanks to help us better understand the differences and similarities between the generations. Each month our Think Tanks tackle the same subject and […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: What Makes a Happy and Productive Work Culture?

POSTED ON July 12th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

This Think Tank brings together GenX, GenY and Boomers to discuss the importance of work culture: what keeps them engaged and what keeps them loyal? Our Boomer Think Tank ,  Millennial Think Tank and GenX Think Tank have weighed in. The Definition of Work Culture via Wikipedia is: Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It’s […]

Generational BS Has Driven Us All Mad

POSTED ON July 9th  - POSTED IN Insights

After working for more than a year with a growing Think Tank of Millennials, I can say with 100% certainty, that Millennials aren’t really that unique. Yes, many of them are hard working; many of them work in tech. Many of them ARE close to their parents, and yes, some of them still live at […]

Mentorship in the New World of Work

POSTED ON June 18th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

Our work with our generational think tanks here at ARCOMPANY has recently focused on the current state of the workplace, and what that workplace will look like in the future. We’ve had many conversations about how the workforce has changed since Boomers and even GenXers first entered it, and Millennials have given us insight into […]