“Working with Hessie and ARCOMPANY, I learned the value of their work as it relates to understanding data and how that turns a website into a going concern and true tool for developing products and offerings targeted at the pain points of our TRIM customer. Thank you for doing such a great job.”

– Tosca Reno , President and CEO, Tosca Reno Interactive Media


At the end of the day, nothing matters if you can’t measure it.

One of the secrets to understanding whether a given strategy is working or not is to look at the underlying rate of change instead of the overall change in a metric. Your total number of inbound leads, for example, might be higher this month than last month or the month before, but the volume of leads from your strongest channel might have dropped drastically while another channel that is only temporarily sustainable picked up the slack.

Of course that’s a simple example, but it illustrates the difference between chasing vanity metrics and developing a reliable set of measurements to ensure your business is competitive over the long term.

Arcompany Performance

At ARCOMPANY we dedicate ourselves to digging deep for insights and using them to define a hypothesis, framework for testing, and an approach to measuring results.

Our work in this area includes things like:

•Establishing SEO and Search reporting templates

•Providing simple, direct reporting on your content and community performance

•Workshops and training to teach internal teams how to use the latest measurement tools and technology

•Measuring your strategies against the overall market, and helping you make decisions about what to tweak in your tactical efforts


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