“As a partner in developing social / customer insights, Hessie and her team help us reach and exceed our goals. They are proactive, deliver on time, and we look at them as an integral part of our company.”

– Susan Cadman, President

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If you want to find the right customers for your business, and keep them, it all starts with insight.

Understanding the behavior of markets, optimizing your content / web properties to what people need and want, these are critical tasks of a business that is digital and social savvy. Everyone’s singing the praises of having access to (literally) tons of data, but if you’re leading a company or leading your company’s marketing efforts, your biggest problem likely isn’t finding enough data, it’s finding the right data and figuring out what’s relevant, and what you should be acting on. 


Getting good, actionable information about what motivates your audience requires a smart framework, one that you can quickly implement and keep improving. We work with companies to get started or improve insights gathering, including:

•Scanning social platforms to find the strongest opportunities for customer acquisition

•Identifying individual competitor weaknesses and strengths on search, social and owned channels

•Determining which key topics are being discussed by your customers and potential customers, and the most influential voices driving those discussions

•Auditing SEO and Search to ensure your website is correctly structured for the audience you have, and the one you want


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