Hessie Jones

Arcompany - author of Evolve - Hessie Jones

” As a Marketer, here are the facts: You are as good as your last project. Today’s landscape requires new skill sets, and your value needs to come from understanding that landscape broadly and in great depth. Expect to keep learning. Expect to keep changing. Expect to keep moving to remain relevant. “

A seasoned digital strategist, ArCompany CEO & Founder Hessie Jones continues to challenge the way marketers / brands think about and execute on their medium and long term growth. She has extensive experience working within and for legacy and startup technology companies, including in the banking and advertising verticals for companies like Yahoo!, Citi, ONE Advertising, and Aegis Media.The Yahoo! Answers launch was a key part of what propelled Hessie from technology into the world of social media technology.
As an active blogger for Huffington Post, Steamfeed, Digital Journal and WhatsYourTech, Hessie is passionate about helping brands adapt to change: in marketing and communication strategies, and in the insights and relationship building required to connect to customers. EVOLVE: Marketing(^as we know it) is Doomed! She believes that companies that understand the value of social intelligence and its impact on social business are the ones sustainable over time. She’s also a cellist, MBA guest lecturer, wife, and hockey mom.

Among the topics Hessie regularly speaks about:

+ Finding insights in social / online data
+ Understanding and developing meaningful metrics for your business
+ Nurturing and harnessing great online communities
+ Capturing nuggets of insight in big data
+ The Future of Work

To connect with Hessie regarding a speaking engagement, reach her at: h.jones@arcompany.co