7 WordPress security tips for enterprise business

POSTED ON August 27th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement
WordPress security needs to remain at the top of your mind. Enterprise businesses relying on it to fuel their content marketing should pay attention. About 58.7% of all websites with a content management system are running on WordPress. These owners may not be aware of the platform’s vulnerabilities. Three Websites running on WordPress You cannot […]

Beyond The Listicle : Inspiring Journalism for Content Marketers

POSTED ON August 25th  - POSTED IN Context
  ‘5 Celebrity bachelors who are old and alone’ ’16 completely disturbing pictures from the internet that will haunt your dreams’ ‘9 times when Elmo taught us how to forgive.’ -courtesy of You’re likely familiar with similar, numerically-ordered headline gems, sometimes located at the bottom of a seemingly unrelated article you’ve just read online […]

Blended Generation Think Tank: Employer and Employee Loyalty

POSTED ON August 24th  - POSTED IN Blended Think Tank
As we continue our series on the Future of Work, we bring together all generations to discuss employee loyalty. In an economy that is wrought with so much instability, workforce disengagement is at its highest levels at 70%, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain top talent. Disengaged workers cost the economy $300 […]

Training Your Employees To Use Social At Work Is Only Half The Battle

POSTED ON August 20th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business
Based on my experience implementing employee engagement programs with our global customers, having a modern social business infrastructure in place allows for the highest ROI of your investment in employee social media training. -Stephanie Malatesta, Customer Success Lead, PostBeyond The business world is changing. The millennial mindset has taken over. People use different channels to […]

Measuring What Matters with Adam Dince of Deluxe Corporation

POSTED ON August 13th  - POSTED IN Performance and Measurement
A few months ago I interviewed Sean McGinnis, who was at the time with Sears Parts Direct, on what marketing metrics really mattered to big business. That post was inspired by my frustration with vanity metrics and how often I witnessed fellow marketers promote the metrics that aren’t really meaningful to business objectives. Sadly, that […]

Influencer Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

POSTED ON August 11th  - POSTED IN Insights
Good brands and agencies, with the genuine intention of driving brand advocacy, are being grossly misled by what are often referred to as ‘Influencer Marketing’ companies. There’s a pervasive dirty secret that isn’t being talked about because it’s been kept so well. I’ll name names and dig into detail herein, but here are some of the biggest […]

Millennial Think Tank: Employer/Employee Loyalty Today

POSTED ON August 9th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters
This month we are tackling Employer / Employee Loyalty and what it looks like in today’s workplace from our Millennial panelists’ perspective. To frame the discussion, we highlighted these statistics gathered on $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover (Bloomberg BNA) Companies that increase their number of talented managers and double the […]

Human Data: The Quest to Deliver Experience

POSTED ON August 6th  - POSTED IN Insights
In the past few months, I have met with a half a dozen big data companies. With each successive meeting, it becomes increasingly clear how the merits of information will transform the way companies look at customers, and slowly evolve processes to streamline, tightly target and create more efficient systems. In previous posts, I have talked about […]

A Millennial Perspective: What Marketer’s Don’t Understand About My Generation

POSTED ON August 4th  - POSTED IN Millennial Matters
There is no word that a Millennial is more tired of hearing than “Millennial.” A cursory Google search will bombard you with headlines that are as contradictory as they are condescending, making bold declarations about a large, complex group of people based off of a few scattered data points. “Millennials want their cars,” the title […]

Boomer Think Tank: Employer / Employee Loyalty Today

POSTED ON August 2nd  - POSTED IN Boomer Think Tank
On our Think Tanks this month we are tackling employer/employee loyalty; we’re looking at the topic from each generation’s viewpoint in order to understand how loyalty and how we measure it has been transformed along with the changing workplace. This past week it was our Boomer Think Tank’s turn to weigh in. Before I give you the overall insights, […]


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