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My Search for Social Validation

POSTED ON March 13th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

The last year and a half has been a whirlwind and I’ve come to reflect on where I’ve been and where I am today. Before I was a Real Believer I was in the ‘Build-a-Better-Mousetrap’ Game I have been tapping into social media since my Yahoo! days when I launched Answers in Canada and I’ve […]

Facebook: Does This 10-Year Old Need Some Serious Time Out?

POSTED ON February 5th  - POSTED IN Insights

So Facebook turned 10 years-old today. Today, Facebook presented me with a Look Back on my own journey since I joined in 2007: My first posts…. as I stumbled to figure out how to use the platform. My most engaging posts… which brought a smile to face. It was pretty nostalgic. Facebook does an amazing […]

The ArC Story: Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

POSTED ON January 21st  - POSTED IN Insights

I promised Gini Dietrich that I would write down my resolutions for the New Year. This meant putting into writing a review of the course ArCompany has taken with an eye to the plans we had from the outset.   I was filled with trepidation about seeing that in writing because, as anyone with experience knows, the social […]

2013: A Year of Change that Continues to Challenge Business… into the New Year!

POSTED ON December 26th  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

When we began ArCompany over a year ago, we all had the vision of building a company that takes consumer expectations and behaviour today, combine it with the technological impetus. Together this would instigate the necessary business transformation that would allow companies to build sustainable performance businesses over the long-term. Remember this from my inaugural […]

Norrrrmmmm!!: You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

POSTED ON November 20th  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

It became a familiar place to me. Thursday nights. I would often turn on the TV set grinning, anticipating the funny quip that Norm Peterson threw out as he was greeted at Cheers! Here’s how a typical banter would unfold: “Normmmmmmm! Sam: How’ya doin’ Norm? Whaddaya know? Norm: Not enough!“ ” Normmmmmm! … Coach: What’ll […]

@UnitedBakersTO: Toronto’s Oldest Restaurant is Connected with its Customers

POSTED ON October 23rd  - POSTED IN Customer at the Core

I’ve been going to UB (patrons’ lingo of United Bakers Dairy Restaurant) for many years. Truth be told, my brother married a wonderful girl named Irene, who works there with her amazing mom, Helen Zellermayer, Manager of United Bakers.  It was here that Mrs. Z. introduced me to the delicious pea soup when I was […]

Why Behavioural Data is Key to Social Selling Success

POSTED ON October 16th  - POSTED IN Insights

Today, businesses and organizations are looking for more from social media when it comes to lead generation, customer acquisition, churn, and more. This presentation highlights how companies can use behavioural insights from freely available data to meet these needs, and exceed them. And if you’re ready to talk about social selling and its place in […]

Data Transparency and Discretion: Has Consumer Trust Been Broken?

POSTED ON September 18th  - POSTED IN Relationship to Technology

The cat’s out of the bag. The consumers have come to know what many marketers have known for years: Consumer information and behaviour is being tracked and analyzed. It’s ALL true. There’s nothing to deny. But instead of understanding application of this information for business, somehow business has been lumped into the same category as […]

Big Data Will Change Advertising Forever

POSTED ON August 1st  - POSTED IN Future Of Business

I had several meetings recently with friends from “traditional digital agencies”. That sounds so oxymoronic! The reality is that this new course of big data, gleaned from a wealth of unstructured information on the web, has the ability to turn advertising on its head–– at least enough to make media people rethink algorithms for maximizing […]